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Reg E in Focus: CFPB Enforcement and Compliance Tips

Innovative Payments Association

Regulation E, also known as the Electronic Fund Transfer Act, is a federal regulation that governs electronic transfers of funds, such as ATM transactions, debit card transactions, and direct deposits.

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The CFPB and Congress Push to Correct Gaps in Reg E


As of the October term of 2023, the United States Supreme Court had taken on an appeal of a decision to review a possible constitutional conflict in the interpretation of the funding mechanism for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

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Orum Launches No Code Verify Solution, Expands Access to Instant Bank Account Verification

Fintech Finance

Offers an additional layer of verification via an Account Control option tier to ensure the end-user has control of the account – helping combat “friendly fraud” caused by Reg E abuse. Is built on RTP and FedNow with a Same Day ACH fallback – guaranteeing coverage of all consumer and business bank accounts in the U.S.

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Securing The Speed Of Securities Transactions


Brokers/dealers were concerned about the potential for consumers to exercise their rights under Regulation E to assert that a transaction was unauthorized up to 60 days after its settlement, despite the fact that securities settlement transactions are exempt from Reg. A Window Of Opportunity. “If But what about the other concern?

Reg E 46
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Understanding Overdraft Programs (Part 1)


Mr. Pommerehn: Overdraft regulations have remained relatively unchanged since the opt-in provisions (Reg E) were implemented in 2010. FICO: Could you briefly explain the existing state of overdraft regulations (opt-in treatment of debit card/ATM vs. check/ACH)?